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Don't just settle for a sign in your yard

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Discover the NuHouz Difference

We don't just sell homes. We sell every little thing your home has to offer and make sure it ends up in every single potential buyer's lap!

You are going to need someone with the skill-set and knowledge to bring as many sets of eyes to your home that would be humanly possible. Using technology and advertising to grab the attention of buyers is easier said than done.


Unfortunately, agents have gotten comfortable solely using the MLS and generic "FOR SALE" signs to list one's home just to run off with at least 3-7% of your home's equity. An agent's job in this market should be more about "how can this agent sell my home for more and take the headache away?"

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to Marketing your home

Ultimate Guide 

Below is a summary of "The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Home" in 2021.  These methods will greatly increase the odds to increase the number of views, showings, offers, and help net sellers more of their equity!

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Prepare Your Home for the Sell


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  1. Complimentary walk-through to devise a plan on what you can do to increase the sales price that fits your budget and free time.

  2. Receive copies of our "Home Prep Lists and Tips" checklist to keep you on track to hit your goal of netting the most money out of your house.

  3. Receive multiple financial scenarios that will better prepare you for future final sales price expectations (including mortgage payoff, fees, commissions, etc.)

  4. Receive an extensive comp and listing price breakdown to set the perfect sales price that often beats out any area comparable sale.

  5. Amplify your home's key features, amenities, and upgrades through our "Pre-Listing Questionnaire"

  6. Enjoy a Complimentary Deep Cleaning prior to your first showings!

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Capture Your Home's Beauty

This is where we can make your home come alive! We have the best production team in Kansas City enabling us to showcase your home like you have never seen. We cut no corners in time nor money coming up with the best possible way to showcase your home and proactively detail every nuance your home has to offer.

  • Gorgeous Professional Photography

  • Epic Drone Photography and Video Footage

  • Video Tour Highlighting Features & Location

  • Interactive 3D Tours

  • Interactive Floor Plan Modeling

  • Custom Website Creation for Ads and Sharing


Good photos are paramount! Without clear, wide-angled pictures you are doing your home a disservice. Our top-rated photographers are remarkable at capturing bright and vibrant photos that often have sellers questioning their motives for selling.

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Drone Photography

Drone Pictures and Video from the sky are often the most impressive photography of any home. By reaching certain heights, the image or video can tell a lot more to a potential buyer such as a nearby school, park, lake, golf course, and more. 

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3D Tours

This technology allows home buyers to navigate through your house and is ideal for out of town buyers by allowing buyers to explore the home ahead of time with transparency.

Buyers can immerse themselves in 360, dollhouse, and floor plan views, along with the ability to take measurements.

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Location Tour

Location is ranked as the #1 determining factor when buying a home. Most potential buyers have no idea what is nearby. It is crucial to share the convenience of schools, shopping, parks, trails, lakes, pools, & more!