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First Time Home Buyer?

Welcome! You, like everyone else, had to start somewhere. Buying a home in the competitive Kansas City Area can often feel a bit overwhelming to most, no matter how many times you do it.


The better prepared you are on what to expect and tackling those big questions, you can make wise, sound decisions moving forward!


There is no such thing as a bad question and here at NuHouz, we will roll out the red carpet to make sure that you have someone by your side to help guide you to the place you call home!

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Start Here

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Learn the Entire Buying Process

in 7-Steps

Whether you are a Seasoned Home Buyer or a First Time Home Buyer, knowing the details and order of the buying process we will prepare you to be a better, more educated homeowner, prepare for what is coming next, and find money-saving opportunities along the way.

What you will learn in detail...

  1. Set Goals (Set a Budget, Calculate Costs, Define Must-Haves, & Get Help!)

  2. Get Pre-Approved (What it Provides & What is Required)

  3. Find the Perfect Home (Tips to Find that Perfect Home)

  4. Write an Offer (What it Entails & 7-Powerful Tips to Get Offers Accepted)

  5. Perform a Home Inspection (Catching Major Issues, Calculate Costs, & Negotiations)

  6. Preparing to Close (What to do to Ensure a Smooth & Timely Closing)

  7. Close & Move In! (What to do After You Close)

8-Minute Read

First Time home owner faqs

Buying a home can be a confusing time, especially if it's your first! The last thing you want is to think of questions after it is too late! Below are just about all the most common questions new buyers have before and during the process.

Answers to questions like...

  • How much house can I afford?

  • What does my credit score need to be?

  • Do I have to have 20% down?

  • What if I don't have a down payment?

  • What out of pocket fees are there?

  • What other costs of owning should I budget for?

  • Will the bank give me money to make updates?

  • Can I get out of my current lease early?

  • How long do parts last in a home?

  • & more!

3-Minute Read


20-Home buying tips that could save you thousands

There are some great ways to save time and money while buying. The process can be so complex while already living a busy life. Check these tips out to help stay on track and avoid lighting money on fire!

Just a few of the tips...

  1. Look for Home Buying Credits (Ways to minimize your cash to close)

  2. Focus on the Payment, Not the Price (A HUGE mistake made by most buyers)

  3. Avoid Buying a Money Pit (Things to keep in mind and look for)

  4. Slow Your Roll (Why a lot of buyers make the mistake of moving too quickly)

  5. Get Personal (This simple trick can get you what you want for less)

  6. Have the Seller Pay Your Closing Costs (how to lower your out of pocket costs)

  7. Inspect the Inspection (Why buying often means digging deeper)

5-Minute Read


Can I Just Look at Homes Already!?

I feel ready and I am done reading about how I can save money and stuff.

Take Me to the Homes! >
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Blah, blah, blah... If you want to skip all of this and talk specifics, call/text the First Time Home Buyer pro Ryan Ginther @ 816-729-8947 or email


We are not your grandma's real estate agents. We believe in providing tons of value and education throughout the process of buying and selling while using technology to help your dreams of homeownership!

Help us provide for those who don't have a home

You can partner with God's Bucket Brigade TODAY and join the mission to love others the way God has loved you by providing care packages for the homeless.

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